(English) Cultivating Compassion: October Value of the Month at Footprints International School

 October 03 ,2023

(English) At Footprints International School, our values form the foundation of our vibrant community. In October, we shine a spotlight on a value that radiates kindness, empathy, and understanding: Compassion.


Compassion is more than a feeling; it’s a way of life. It is the ability to understand and share in the feelings of others, to walk in their shoes, and to offer support when needed most. As we delve into the significance of compassion, we recognise its profound impact on our student’s lives and their journey towards becoming compassionate global citizens.

The Path of Compassion:

The path of compassion begins with acknowledging the emotions and experiences of others. Our students learn to put themselves in others’ shoes, fostering empathy and understanding. Compassion encourages them to reach out to those in need, lending a helping hand whenever possible. Footprints teachers and staff aim to nurture this value through modelling compassion in their behaviour, creating a classroom culture where empathy and understanding are appreciated, encouraging students to listen to and learn from others and helping students to develop conflict resolution skills by teaching them about different mediation and conflict resolution techniques.

Empowering through Kindness:

Compassion empowers our students to be agents of positive change. By demonstrating kindness and empathy, they inspire their peers to follow suit, creating a community where everyone feels valued and understood. Just like our other core values, we take the time to recognise and celebrate students who have demonstrated compassion throughout the month.

A Call to Embrace Compassion:

As parents, educators, and students, we hold the collective responsibility of nurturing compassion. We aim to embrace compassion as a way of life, where it is not just an action but an intrinsic part of our being. Cultivate empathy and understanding by stepping into others’ shoes and viewing the world from their perspective. Then, put that empathy into action by being kind and helpful, even in challenging situations. Compassion also entails speaking up against injustice and inequality, using our voices to advocate for a fairer world. As compassionate global citizens, let’s work collectively to make the world a better place for all. Let us foster an environment where empathy is celebrated, where we listen actively, and where we extend a helping hand without hesitation.