Student Council Elections

Congratulations to the newly elected Student Council (StuCo) officers of Footprints International School’s  Toul Kork and Toul Tom Poung Campuses, for the 2022-2023 academic year. At the beginning of each academic year, students hold an assembly in which class representatives from various grades deliver speeches, hoping to win the majority vote for their desired position: President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer.

The purpose of StuCo is to act as a channel for student-led activities in coordination with School management and to be the voice of the student body.

StuCo aims to represent the rights of the student body at Footprints International School, promote harmonious relationships between students within and among grade levels, foster the improvement of student involvement in school activities and promote school spirit, pride, and morale, as well as encourage the development of citizenship and leadership among members of the student body.

The Footprints community is proud of our students for taking on these roles with the compassion, determination and responsibility exemplified by Footprints International School students.


Announcing our latest study pathway

Footprints is excited to announce the introduction of a new study pathway for our students: the International Programme with Khmer Language and Culture.

Currently, this pathway is on offer to G1-G5 students, and incorporates both the Cambridge International curriculum and Khmer language and culture lessons.

It provides students with our International High School diploma, which is equivalent to the National High School diploma and allows for acceptance into Cambodian universities.

The main benefits of this pathway include the opportunity for students to excel in the Cambridge curriculum while still having time to enjoy extracurricular clubs, social activities and school life.

Welcome from our School Director

Dear Parents, Guardians and wider school community members, welcome to the  2022/2023 school year.

My name is André Struve and I serve at Footprints International School as the School Director and Vice-President. 

It was wonderful to see both familiar and new faces during the first weeks of classes.

All of our new staff have arrived and those from overseas are settling in nicely. Our school has become even more diverse through the hiring of new teaching staff.


During our teacher orientation week, we celebrated the addition of teaching professionals. We are excited to welcome them to our team and to have them make their own unique contributions to our school.


Our international faculty now consists of professionals from more than 15 countries including America, Australia, Great Britain, Cambodia, Canada, The Philippines, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Portugal, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Syria, who lead the learning of more than 1000 students across our two campuses.


We wish you and your family all the very best for the new school year ahead. Please always reach out to our family engagement team for any questions or concerns you may have.


Stay confident, 


Class of 2022 – Graduation

We would like to congratulate our Class of 2022 on graduating from Footprints International School in a ceremony held on the 25th of June 2022.

We are immensely proud of the determination, passion and hard work each of our students has shown.
As they continue on their journeys, we are sure that their knowledge, talent, and the core values of compassion, determination and responsibility will guide them towards success.

Footprints graduates will always have a family at Footprints International School, and we look forward to hearing about their exciting adventures and accomplishments in the coming years.


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