School Governance – Footprints International School

 October 07 ,2022

The Board of Governors of Footprints International School (FIS) acts as the legal authorising body of the school and operates in line with the school’s By-Laws. The main role of the Board is to support and promote the vision, mission, values and beliefs of FIS. In addition, the Board strives to ensure the fiscal health of the school, and maintain good governance and risk management. The Board plays an advisory role to the Director of FIS, and delegates the day-to-day administration and operational decisions to the Focus on Learning (FoL) Steering Committee which acts as the School Leadership Team (SLT). The Board drives the creation of a strategic framework, in collaboration with contributions from the school community.
In September 2021, the Board approved a strategic plan for 2021-2025 that focuses on four major goals: Responsible Growth, Creating a Nurturing Learning Eco-System, Developing an Effective and Efficient Management Platform, and Building Capacity. The Board has overarching responsibility to ensure that these strategic goals are being operationalised and implemented well.
The Board is responsible for adopting financial policies, approving projects, generating revenue, ensuring effective financial budgeting and planning, and reviewing the administration’s short and long-term plans”.
The Board shall be responsible for liaison with appropriate Cambodian government officials to ensure the proper management of the school and its compliance with the Rule of Law under the Cambodian Constitution. The Board also has a duty to have the school accounts audited annually by a qualified independent accounting firm.