Prioritising Student Wellbeing: Footprints International School Takes a Pioneering Approach

 March 28 ,2024

At Footprints International School, we are firmly committed to prioritising the wellbeing of our students. We are excited to announce the implementation of Komodo, a cutting-edge software programme designed to elevate student wellbeing to new heights.

This announcement builds upon another significant development that occurred in May 2023, when Footprints International School became the first international school in Cambodia to establish a dedicated Centre for Wellbeing and Career Excellence. This centre underscores our unwavering commitment to supporting students in all aspects of their lives, both academic and personal. The introduction of Komodo seamlessly complements this mission.

Unveiling Powerful Insights with Komodo

Traditional methods of measuring student wellbeing often lack consistency and fail to provide meaningful, actionable insights. Komodo addresses this challenge by providing us with comprehensive, real-time data that allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the wellbeing of our entire student body. By leveraging these insights, we can proactively implement targeted strategies to create a more positive and supportive learning environment for all students.

Individualised Support: Empowering Each Student

One of Komodo’s most powerful features is its ability to generate personalised student wellbeing profiles. These profiles offer a detailed analysis of each student’s strengths and areas for development. This valuable information allows us to identify students who may require additional support and tailor interventions to address their specific needs effectively.

A Holistic Approach to Fostering Wellbeing

We believe in fostering a culture of proactive wellbeing within our school community. Komodo serves as a valuable tool in achieving this objective.  By utilising its evidence-based framework, we can seamlessly integrate wellbeing measurement, mental health initiatives, social-emotional learning, and mindfulness practices into the daily fabric of school life. This holistic approach extends beyond crisis management, allowing us to cultivate a supportive environment where all students can thrive proactively.

Equipping Students for Success in a Changing World

Research indicates a concerning decline in youth mental health, highlighting the critical need for comprehensive wellbeing solutions. Komodo’s capabilities perfectly align with our mission at Footprints International School: to ensure that our students receive the support and care they need to excel both academically and personally.

As a Komodo School, we are proud to leverage this innovative technology alongside our Centre for Wellbeing and Career Excellence.