Footprints International School believes that everybody should have access to high-quality education, thus, we welcome students with learning support needs. We strive to see each child as an individual and to help them reach their highest potential. Our vision is to foster a community of responsible, determined and compassionate learners who make meaningful contributions to society.


Our Inclusion Program empowers our learners to discover their potential in a nurturing environment through innovative instructions, challenging and collaborative activities, and exposure to diverse perspectives. We have a dedicated team helping students with learning support needs in our Inclusion Program. Our Support Coordinators ensure that a child’s individual needs are met and that he/she is meeting grade level expectations and being prepared for a productive life in the community.


Support Coordinators assist class teachers in identifying and assessing students with learning and/or socio-emotional difficulties. They coach class teachers on evidence-based accommodations and strategies to support our students’ diverse needs. Footprints International School values the involvement of families in our interventions. Goals are discussed during IEP meetings with teachers, the principal and parents.  Trainings are given to everybody working or caring for the child to ensure consistency in our approach. We believe that partnership between the school and the home is the key to students’ success.

Learning Support Coordinator


To ensure that ALL students in the class are receiving the support they require, we have 1 to 3 students under our Inclusion Program per class. This number allows our teachers to maximize their time helping all of their students.

Students who have been identified to be requiring additional support receive individualized behavior plans and/or curriculum accommodations and modifications. These are closely monitored and evaluated by our Support Coordinators. Regular meetings with the principal, teachers, parents, external therapists are also being held to make sure goals are appropriate for the child.

Each child develops at a different rate. FIS teachers see to it that all of their students are progressing while still respecting their individuality. Some children may require more assistance than others. FIS teachers are coached on evidence-based classroom strategies by our principals and support coordinators.

Students who do not show significant progress from classroom interventions after a period of time are referred to the support coordinators. Teachers submit written reports and documented classroom strategies implemented to our coordinators. After receiving the referrals, the Support Coordinators will aim to learn more about the child’s needs by doing assessments, teacher and parent interviews and class observations.