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Our health is made up of dimensions or layers or energies such as physical, mental/intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual.  Most people don’t realise that all these are interconnected with each other in order to achieve and maintain holistic health.

In every areas of our life, we are dependent on having good health.  For example, if we are not physically well, we won’t be able to concentrate in learning, cannot perform our tasks, and will not even have the opportunity to enjoy ourselves being with our friends.

Without good health, we are nothing!

In other words, it is very important to take care each of these health dimensions in our search for holistic healthy living.

5 Dimensions of Health and Tips for Optimal Health

  1. Physical dimension – this covers a variety of behaviours like adequate exercise, getting proper nutrition, staying away from harmful substances, getting regular medical checks, and identify symptoms of disease.   In order to get optimal physical health, you need to exercise – even to walk 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week, get enough sleep, like 6 – 8 hours every night, eat balanced diet and avoiding sodas, processed foods and too much sweets. In addition, do not skip meals especially breakfast time as this cause weight gain.
  2. Emotional Dimension – ability to feel and express emotions, ability to love and be loved, and achieving fulfillment in life.  This includes high level of self – esteem, confidence, acceptance and the ability to share feelings.  To achieve this, you need  to maintain a positive attitude even when difficulties and challenges arise, manage you time wisely to lower stress level, openly share your feeling with others whom you trust, seek help when needed, and smile even if you don’t feel like it .
  3. Social Dimension – describes your interaction with other people, living up to the demands of your expectations and demands of your roles, creating a support group, respecting self and others, and contributing to the community. You can develop this dimension through getting involve in the community, campus activities/ events, volunteering by sharing skills and talents, and cultivating healthy relationships.
  4. Intellectual Dimension – encouraging yourself to be creative, continuous learning, expand knowledge, and improve skills. You are also keeping yourself up to date with current events and participating in activities that arouses critical thinking. You can master this dimension by keeping abreast to current events, taking school work seriously, visiting the library, read, learning a foreign language, taking a course or workshop, reading,  becoming a life – long learner,  and seeking academic help when necessary.
  5. Spiritual Dimension – these are guiding beliefs, principles and values that gives directions to your lives. This involves your faith, hope and commitment that provide you with sense of meaning and purpose in life. You need a quiet place to spend time there everyday, contemplate the meaning of life, and spending time to appreciate what is around you are the ways to enhance spiritual health.

Balance is the key to holistic health and by adopting the strategies of each dimensions, you are better prepared to tackle the difficulties and challenges that life presents.  Without one piece of these dimensions, there is a missing connection that will affect the equilibrium of the remaining dimension.   When you are able to master the art of achieving the requirements/strategies of the six dimensions of health, then you are will be able to live a happy and fulfilling life.



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