FIS Family Literacy Day Challenge

Each year September 8th marks UNESCO’s International Literacy Day, raising awareness globally on the issues surrounding adult and child literacy.
Join FIS Family Literacy Day Challenge : Travel the World together! Despite physical distancing rules still in place across the country, FIS Family is getting creative in order to celebrate International Literacy Day!
How to join the Family Literacy Day:
-Use your imagination to explore and travel the world together.
-Share a picture or video of your family spending time together by reading or telling stories about the countries you have visited or you would like to visit or by creating Art& Crafts about your dream country on your Facebook and Instagram profile!
-Tag/hashtag us in your posts @footprintsinternationalschool #footprintsinternationalschool
OR Register via (link)
3 winners with the most likes will be announced on 10th September, 2021
1th winner gets a FIS custom water bottle and FIS bracelet
2nd winner gets a FIS doll and a FIS T-shirt
3rd winner gets a FIS doll and a FIS bracelet
Your name and photo will be kept when you fill in this form.
Hope you’ll join in the fun and get a PRIZE together!

    No               Name                     Photo/Video                                                      Caption             Vote            Rate
     1   Ing Sachata             Vote
    2   Yong Targcoon              Vote
   3   Chea Bennett             Vote
   4   Mr. Riddhiraj CHHUONGROTH Happy Literacy Day! This family photo was taken at one of the most popular libraries named Starfield Library, South Korea, in 2019. Riddhiraj likes reading books and he always wanted to visit other libraries around the globe.             Vote

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