Student Handbook

For reasons of safety, it is important to notify the office when your child will be absent. A note of absenteeism, or an explanation, either by phone or in person, by the parent is requested to explain the absence. If an instance arises when we do not receive a call we will attempt to confirm the whereabouts of the student by contacting a parent. Students who are absent from school with no explanation from parents will be unable to make up work or tests. Continuing unexplained absences from school will result in a conference with the Principal/Director. After 10 unexplained absences in one term, the situation will be presented to the School Board for consideration. If a child misses more than 18 days per year, explained or otherwise, the child may be required to repeat the school year. The School Board has the option of terminating a child’s enrollment at FIS, or requiring the student to repeat the year.

If a student is taking a planned leave from school, it is the responsibility of the student to alert the teachers three days in advance and come to the office for permission. If a student is taking an unplanned leave, parents must inform school. If the student fails to do this three times, the student will be considered absent. This will be added to the absence record and the student will get a mark of zero if the absence is on an examination day or assignment date. Students and parents might be requested to meet the Principal or/and Head of Campus.

It is the responsibility of the student to approach the teacher to get missed work. Teachers can then provide the work the student will miss in advance. Students are expected to be responsible for making up all missed work. Missed assignments will result in a zero.

Students that miss work due to illness can make up all exams. Students that miss school and inform the school in advance that they are taking a leave can also make up missed examinations.

Detention will be held during lunch. The student/s will be given 10 minutes to eat their lunch and must proceed to detention immediately after. During detention, student may have to do a chore, study the Code of Conduct, or do an applicable assignment relating to the transgression. Parents will receive notification of the detention date in advance. No exceptions will be made. Students are not allowed to eat, sleep, or leave detention class for any reason.
Failure to attend detention without a valid excuse may result in an out of school suspension.

A written Notice of Suspension will be given to the student after a meeting with the Principal. The student will not be given the opportunity to make up work that he/she missed during the suspension. During suspension the student is responsible for getting his/her work assignments from his/her friends and is expected to be up to speed on all lessons upon his/her return.

Students are expected to keep short and neat but hairstyles can be very much up to interpretation in terms of how smart of appropriate they may be in a school setting. Therefore, FIS would like to make clear what are the “conventional hair styles” as detailed in our school policy and those cuts which would not be appropriate for school.
Color: Natural hair colour is encouraged. Highlights and hair dye, tipped or dipped hair are not allowed.
Cut: Hair cut should not be shorter than grade 3. Graduated or stepped haircuts –hair which is shaved less than a grade 3 at the sides and long on top are forbidden. To o long hair (below the collar) is strictly prohibited. No fringes/ long bangs that obstruct the eyes are allowed.
Designs: The school does not permit children to have ‘extreme’ haircuts with designs. Any kind of line or pattern shaved into the side or top of the head are prohibited. Hairstyles and haircuts which are deemed too extreme designs such as tramlines, shaved lines, stars, extreme patterns ‘V’ styles, Mohican cuts are forbidden.

FIS students are prohibited from any form of smoking anytime and anywhere.