FIS Parent Handbook 2021-2022

Parents who wish to withdraw their children from Footprints International School are asked to fill out the termination of enrollment format least one week in advance, to enable the office to process all the necessary documentation. If at a later date, parents wish to re-enroll at Footprints International School, the enrollment fee and capital and admin fee will be waived if it is the same school year. FIS does not hold space for students unless a parent pays full tuition fees. Re-enrollment after an absence depends on availability. Depending on the length of absence a student may be requested to sit an enrollment test.

School fees comprise tuition fees, capital and administration fees, enrollment fees and other fees as determined by FIS.

Tuition fees: cover tuition and other costs and payable by year or by term. Parents are encouraged to pay tuition fees by year.

Enrollment fee: is payable once, on first time enrolment of each new student. It is non-refundable and non-transferable. This fee holds a child’s place at the school for 5 working days only, during which time parents must complete all requested forms and payments. After the fifth day, the school cannot guarantee to hold a space for the child.

Capital and Administration fees: are paid annually either upon enrollment for new students, or at the end of April (generally by April 30th) for students who are going to the next academic year. They are used for the purchase or maintenance of equipment and facilities, for construction or for renovations of classrooms. These fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Book Fees: are payable annually and non-refundable.

Placement Test Fee: is charged for administering a placement test for students before enrolment. It is non-refundable. If a student enrolls at FIS, the cost of the placement test is deducted from tuition fees.

Cambridge Exam Fees: FIS administers Cambridge International Examinations annually. These exams have a fee applied in the following years:
• Grade 10- IGCSE
• Grades 11-12- A or AS levels

Parents are responsible for paying the cost of the exams and are able to opt out if desired. These exams are external examinations given and marked by Cambridge International Examinations.

Replacement document fee: FIS will write letters of recommendation for students, and will issue letters for traveling purposes. We will also fill out any forms for families for tuition fee reimbursement from work places. FIS gives out report cards to students each term. Please note that the first copy of any document is always given out complimentary. If a document is lost, and a parent requests a document to be reprinted, a $3.00 fee will be charged and a 48 hour waiting period is required.

All teachers at Footprints International School are carefully selected taking into consideration their qualifications, experience and dedication, as well as their love and respect for children. They undergo regular performance evaluations, training and professional development sessions throughout the year. They are encouraged to support each other and work together in planning and teaching, sharing ideas and strategies with the team. Regular staff meetings provide opportunities for staff to undertake curriculum planning and to discuss any difficulties, questions, or issues that arise.

Underpinning the international curriculum at FIS are a number of beliefs and principles about education, teaching, learning and curriculum.
The curriculum should:
● be aligned to the vision, mission and values of the school
● develop enjoyment and commitment to learning
● engage children in their learning and activities
● equip students with essential literacy and numeracy skills
● provide for current and future learner needs
● be relevant and context specific
● be goal-oriented and aligned in terms of planning, teaching, learning and assessment
● encourage an understanding of their own and other cultural heritages
● develop their capacity to learn and work independently and collaboratively
● provide opportunities to think creatively and critically, to solve problems and to reflect on their learning
● promote opportunity, quality, continuity and cohesion across all the school
● promote the academic, social and emotional well-being of children
Helping children learn should be at the core of everything the curriculum does. Good teaching that delivers and facilitates opportunities for effective learning is the most essential ingredient of all.
Teaching and Learning should:
● be fun and active
● be purposeful
● be achievable but challenging
● build on prior learning
● make connections across different aspects of their learning and life
● address different learning styles
● cater to multiple intelligences
● allow time for reflection and consolidation
● happen most effectively in an environment in which children feel safe, comfortable and able to take the risks involved in learning new things

The curriculum is embedded in the vision and mission of the school and as such the primary aims of the curriculum are to give children the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become confident, responsible, reflective, and innovative and engaged learners.
Furthermore, the curriculum aims to:
● provide all children with the opportunity to learn to the best of their ability
● instill in children a love of learning and prepare them to be lifelong learners
● develop appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of disciplines
● nurture the social and emotional development of each individual
● develop an understanding and appreciation of their own and other cultures and beliefs
Finally, we believe that responsibility for the learning of students needs to be shared between their teachers, parents, caregivers and students themselves. Learning will be organized in such a way that, by the end of the primary years, children begin to take responsibility for their own learning.