FIS students are 93% Cambodian. The other 7% of the student body comes from the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, America, Indian, Australia, Chinese, Indonesia, South African and the UK. We have an even gender mix of female (49.8%) and male students (50.2%).

The maximum class size is 15 students to practice social distancing. Classes in the Early Childhood Program have 1 local teacher assistants and classes in the Primary Program have 1 teacher assistant. In Secondary we have teacher assistants that are shared among one or two classes.

If your child is ill we will notify you to come pick up your child. Any student with a fever, or that is vomiting or suffering from diarrhea will be sent home. We have nurses stationed at the campuses to help care for your child until you can pick them up. In the event that we cannot reach you, we will contact the emergency contact person you listed on your child's enrollment form.

The Secondary Campus starts promptly at 8:00 am. All other campuses start promptly at 7:45 am. We have a babysitter on the gate at 7:00 am. We encourage you to drop your child before the start time. We monitor absences and tardinesses and record them on the report card, as they have an impact on learning.

Homework is not assigned in the Early Childhood and Primary Programs. Research shows that homework at these ages is not effective. Instead we assign projects, at home reading, and occassionally review work. We encourage you to work with your child at home and help them develop a sense of wonder and curisoty by exploring topics they are interested in. Under the "FIS Families" tab you can find a list of website and apps that are recommended. We also post interesting student-friendly websites to our Facebook page, so we encourage you to "like" us.

Homework is assigned at the Secondary level, and students should expect between 20 minutes to one hour of homework per night. Students in Secondary are given planners and encouraged to organize their schedules as some classes do not meet everyday. In additionl to assigned homework it is expected that Secondary students regualrly review their notes and books to develop good study habits.