Enrollment Process

We look forward to welcoming you to Footprints International School (FIS). Our Admissions Process reflects our values of compassion, responsibility and determination and is designed to ensure the smoothest possible transition for your family. We offer rolling enrolment subject to availability, throughout the year as long as spaces are available for students 18 months to 18 years old. FIS aims to make the admissions process a pleasant and straightforward experience. Please note that
admissions meetings and school tours are available by appointment only. To enquire about availability of places, request more information or to make an admissions appointment, please contact our offices 023/015 222 084


Visit Footprints International School. You may call 023/015 222 084 to make an appointment.
Our office staff will inform you if we have space for new enrolments in the grade you are interested in.


For Nursery-PreK2’s prospective students:
The parent liaison officer will contact you to schedule a family screener interview. The purpose of this interview is for us to have an assessment of your child’s academic and social development, learn about your family and gain insight to your child’s educational aspirations and interests.
For Kindergarten and above: All students applying for placement in Kindergarten- Grade 12 are required to sit for an age related Math and Literacy placement tests to ensure that he/she is prepared for the high quality of education offered at Footprints International School. These must be scheduled through the office in advance. The cost is 30 USD. If you enroll your child at FIS, the $30 will be applied towards your tuition fees.


To enroll at FIS, please submit the following mandatory documents:

  1. Birth Certificate or passport
  2. Previous school report cards or transcript
  3. Vaccination Record
  4. Official transfer document for Khmer Curriculum (Grade 2 and above)
  5. Two 4 x 6 cm colored photographs to the enrolment form. (Individual photographs of the student, the mother and the father, and pick person.)


When a place is offered, payment of Enrollment, Capital Fee, and Administration & Resources fee
must be paid before your child can start studying and are non-refundable. FIS values safety and
security of our students and staff; therefore, we decided to not accept cash to minimize risk to
students and staff alike. For the amount of more than 100USD, we accept cheque, bank deposit and bank transfer.

Bank Information:
Bank Name: ABA Bank
Account Number: 000145244

Beneficiary Address: N0 18, St. 570 Sangkat Boeung, Kok Ti 2 Khan Toul Kork,Phnom Penh

Note: Please include the full name, grade and campus of your child and email the school to
inform that you have paid via bank transfer (email to enquiries@footprintsschool.edu.kh).

If a place is not available at the time you wish to join, your child’s name will be placed on the wait list and
you will be notified as soon as a vacancy is anticipated. Please notify the Office of any changes of
address or other contact details or if your circumstances change. Wait list priority is given to families with

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This guide intends to assist the FIS CARE staff in administering the Enrolment Procedure efficiently. A positive and constructive attitude to the procedure should be emphasized. Parents should be fully informed throughout the process. It is important that all staff involved in the processing of applications for enrolment receive appropriate orientation.

To enroll at FIS CARE, parents must provide the following documents:
• Photo of student size 3×4 2
• Photo of parent size 3×4 2 for each parent
• Photo of other adults size 3×4 1 for each person (who will pick-up student from school)
• Copy of Birth Certificate
• Copy of Vaccination Report
• Copy of school record/report from previous school
• Copy of medical report/s if the student has previous consultation with specialists

Stage 1: Enrolment application
• The inquiring applicant will fill out the Student Enrolment form and Parent Consent Form (SEN-F-0005a). He/she will be given a schedule for an appointment with the SEN Specialist.
• During the SEN Specialist appointment, initial assessment to determine the child’s possible learning needs will be conducted.The parents will be assisted on filling up the Enrolment Learning Needs Questionnaire (SEN-F-0011).
• The SEN Center programmes and fees will be discussed to the parents.

Stage 2: Initial Payment
• If the parents want to proceed to enrolment, they will fill out the registration form and pay the Enrolment Fee, Admin and Resources Fee and Related Services Fee to guarantee their child’s place for next school year. Parents must be informed that these fees are non-refundable and will be deducted from the total Comprehensive Support Services Fee.
• Parents will be required to sign the Parent Permission for Release of Student Information Form (SEN-F-0006). The inquiring applicant will be scheduled for a Related Services Evaluation. The data gathered from SEN-F-0011 Form will be used for referring the student to the appropriate Related Services. Parents will be asked to come back to the center on the evaluation date.
• The student’s first day of school will be the next school day after payment. A social story about going to school will be given and the parents are to read it at home to the student.

Stage 3: Initial Evaluation Appointment
• The parents will return for the Related Services evaluation. The evaluation will be done by the school’s recognized professional to ensure that all required information will be obtained. Reports may take 5 days for completion. The parents will be notified when the professional report is completed.
• In cases where the parents indicate that their child has been diagnosed with a disability or special needs, parents will need to provide a copy to the school as this can assist the Related Services and SEN teachers in determining the type of needs the student requires.

Stage 4: Class placement
• Once the Related Services report is finished, the class placement and programme will be discussed with the parents. The Assessment reports, SEN programme as well as the goals of the parents will be taken into consideration.

Changes in student’s needs and/or circumstances
A student’s needs may change or become apparent after enrolment. There are several ways in which this could occur:
• There may be a reassessment of the student’s learning difficulties and behavior leading to a new diagnosis of the student’s ability
• The student’s condition may deteriorate
• The student may have been enrolled with a disability but may subsequently manifest a learning difficulty
• The student may acquire a disability, resulting in different educational/behavioral support
In each of these cases, the school needs to make a ‘reasonably proportionate response’ to the needs, which may include:
• Full consultation with parents/guardians and experts to develop strategies
• Involvement of other para-educational professionals
• Training of teachers and learning support assistants who are involved with the student
• Assessment of additional costs for extra support adjustment. FIS CARE will ensure that all its available resources will be utilized to avoid any additional costs, however, should the IEP Team find that additional Related Services sessions or a Personal Teaching Assistant (PTA) provision be necessary, the parents will be responsible for the payment this additional support will incur.
• Assessment of effect upon other students and/or teachers
• Implementation of the school’s Behavior Management Plan

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