Position Description: Instructional Coach

Main Responsibilities:

The role of the Instructional Coach is to assist in the areas of lesson planning, delivery and assessment as well as teacher feedback, evaluation and development. He/She brings best instructional practices according to current research, effective coaching practices and aligns them  with the school’s mission, vision, values, SLOs and educational anchors to classrooms.  

  • Consistently conduct research about various instructional coaching models and present them to the IP Principals with recommendations.
  • Consistently conduct research about various innovative teaching and learning models and present them to the IP Principals with recommendations.
  • Implement and develop the selected coaching and innovative teaching and learning models.
  • Ensure consistent application of those models horizontally, vertically and across campuses.
  • Support teachers, class and learning facilitators by helping them analyze their current abilities, set goals for their practice, and develop new skills in the classroom.
  • Observe teachers, class and learning facilitators as they work, taking notes, and providing them with advice and feedback.
  • Provide whole program CPD on instructional coaching models so as to facilitate consistent vertical and horizontal alignment of effective instructional practices??
  • Apply best practice, teacher coaching strategies so as to facilitate teacher driven instructional growth 

Desired Qualification:

  • Master Degree in Education or Bachelor Degree in Education with Administrator experience of min. 2 years in an international educational institution.
  • English as a first language or proof of professional English proficiency 
  • Solid Experience in teaching the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Program.
  • Solid experience in coaching and mentoring teachers at required level.
  • A broad knowledge of various educational practices and models.
  • Proven excellent communication and interpersonal skills in a multicultural setting.
  • Patient and supportive.
  • Proof of reputable personal and professional integrity and records 

If you wish to apply for this position, please send an email to hr@footprintsschool.edu.kh with a “Specified Position” in the subject line. Your application must include the following:

  • An up-to-date resume with a current ID photo
  • A copy of passport/ID
  • A copy of the Cambodian Visa when applied within the country  
  • Educational degree, certificates and licenses
  • Three professional references from direct supervisors; and
  • An up-to-date criminal record check/clearance report, issued within the last 6 months.