Parent Liaison Officer (Cambodian Only)

Overall Purpose of the Role:

The Parent Liaison Officer (PLO) is responsible for the production and processing of school liaison with student’s parents, customers and all departments, filling the student’s profile in the system and in the enrollment file, new student enrollment, and maintaining confidence of students and customers information. The PL Officer also supports the academic and finance departments for the FIS operations and other parent liaison routines based on available policies and guidelines.

The PL Officer reports to a Family Engagement Manager and the upper school management when required.

The PL Officer represents for optimizing the relationship between FIS, parents and stakeholders through guidance and education.

Main Responsibilities:

 School Liaison Duties

  • Communicate and greet all visitors entering the office in a friendly and professional manner and determine how best to help them.
  • Provide school information to the prospective parents
  • Keep Record of customer visit and enrollment, follow up and feedback.
  • Assist to all customers and others, and request support from the family engagement manager when needed.
  • Communicate courteously with customers via telephone, telegram, letter and face to face.
  • Act as liaison between teachers,parents and school head, arrange meetings with parents and pass on messages to teacher and staff members as necessary.
  • Be informed of all aspects of the school information such as part of curriculum, payment , class list in order to answer parents questions thoroughly and accurately.
  • Promote Footprints to potential parents and offer additional services to existing parents.
  • Arrange enrollment tests.
  • Maintain an up-to-date and accurate attendance list.
  • Answer and help staff members, if they suggest it.
  • Keep staff informed of any request from all parents ,such as medication, un-enrollment or new enrollment or other in formation.
  • Keep parents informed of upcoming  events or other information needed  by words , letters, maintaining the parent notice board, and telegeram.

Filling Duties

  • Provide assistance to families and others, and request support from the family engagement manager or school head when needed.
  • Act as liaison between teachers, parents and school head, arranging meetings with parents and passing on messages to teachers and staff members as necessary.
  • Assist in maintaining student enrolment files – organizing, filing, updating details for old enrolments, and data entry from paper to computer of necessary details
  • Keep parents informed of upcoming events by word of mouth and maintain the parent notice board.
  • Update monthly attendance lists for teachers and hand out before the 1st day of each month.
  • Filing students file class by class in order.
  • Update students contact list.
  • Arrange enrollment tests and any follow up in regards to phone calls, paperwork
  • Ensure there is an adequate amount of marketing material at your disposal at all times (business cards, brochures, tuition sheets, parent handbooks, etc.)
  • Arrange documents for students to transfer in and out.


  •  Protect the confidentiality of students at all times, refraining from speaking about students to any person outside their family, and never giving out information about any student to any non-family member without prior approval of the family engagement manager or the School Head.
  •  Protect the confidentiality of staff at all times, refraining from discussing staff, contracts, salary, or any other personal details with any member of staff excluding the family engagement manager or School Head.
  • Protect the privacy of staff at all times, never giving out private details, phone numbers, addresses, email etc. without prior permission from the staff member involved.

Student Enrollments

  •  Handle new student enrolments, accepting payments and processing new enrolments according to enrolment procedures.
  • Prepare and give ID cards for new families, explaining the pick-up rules when parents first collect their ID card.
  • Inform teachers of new enrolments in a timely manner and provide updated class lists and information lists as necessary.
  • Update all computer databases, phone and email lists with new student information.

Medicine / Illness

  • Assist Teachers and TA with sick students as necessary, taking temperature and providing supervision until collected as necessary.
  • Contact parents of sick children to arrange a collection.
  • Ensure all parents complete the Permission to Administer Medicine form correctly as required by the Footprints Policy.


  • Follow Footprints School financial/accounting processes with integrity, honesty, and attention to detail.
  • Accurately record any money received from parents or others, and record any money given in payment of services.
  • For $100 and $50 banknotes – visually check for tears or damage to note and confirm receipt of any damaged/suspect banknote with the Head Administrator before accepting from the parent.
  • Make sure all students paid for capital administration, enrollment and tuition fee before they start.
  • Work in the Phum school system for student’s payment.

Other Responsibilities

  • Be present at school during Parent-Teacher conferences at the end of each term which generally occurs out of school hours.
  • Attend all school sponsored functions that occur during regular school hours, such as opening ceremony, graduation ceremony etc.
  • Attend public workshops and other events outside of regular school hours when given 2 weeks prior notice.
  • Maintain facilities, resources, and school materials, taking care of all electronic equipment, specifically computer, scanner and printer, and avoiding using the computer in a manner which will spread an electronic virus through the school network.


  • Completing late arrival, pickup and absent slips, and recording these details as necessary, and passing on information to teachers when required.
  • Liaise with caterers daily in ordering food for lunch students.
  • Prepare and read newsletters and other paper-based forms of communication for teachers to give to students.
  • Translate documents when requested.
  • Aid in preparation for all school events.
  • Aid school head, Family Engagement Manager, and Assistant to the Board with other reasonable administration and office related tasks as requested in a prompt and timely manner.

Desired Requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or other related field.
  • Solid experiences in parent liaison, Sales and Marketing or customer service
  • Strong ICT literacy, particularly on the use of Google platforms and other HR systems.
  • Ability to communicate professionally in English in both writing and speaking.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Good knowledge of labor law, general work ethics and code of conduct for employees.
  • Demonstrated professionalism and positive demeanor
  • Knowledge in Child Protection is a plus.

If you wish to apply for this position, please send an email to with a “Specified Position” in the subject line. Your application must include the following:

  • An up-to-date resume with a current ID photo
  • A copy of passport/ID
  • A copy of the Cambodian Visa when applied within the country  
  • Educational degree, certificates and licenses
  • Three professional references from direct supervisors; and
  • An up-to-date criminal record check/clearance report, issued within the last 6 months.