Employment Opportunities at FIS

Interested in working at FIS? Our teachers are professional, qualified teachers who work to deliver a core curriculum and work to expand our students’ minds in a very real and tangible way.

To really enjoy themselves and do well, teachers must be open to new ideas and be patient with different ways of doing things, as working at FIS is a highly cross cultural experience, filled with a variety of challenges, rewards, and exciting and encouraging moments. For those who can do this, FIS provides a great teaching atmosphere.

Teachers work together, sharing ideas and expertise, and often find in Cambodia a general way of life which is a little more laid back, a little more relaxed, and a lot more interesting.

If you are interested in working at FIS please keep an eye on this page, as vacancies will be posted here first.

Shadow Teacher at FIS CARE (Local Only)

The shadow teacher works with the specialized teacher to support the learning of students with special education needs to instruct the set curriculum, observe the teaching style, methods, and language used by the specialized teacher in an effort to improve personal teaching skills. They support the specialized Teacher by taking reading groups, assisting in lessons, behavioral management, classroom organisation, and preparation of materials as discussed with the SEN Teacher.

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School Nurse (Local Only)

A School Nurse is stationed in each campus to attend to any concerns related to students’ health issue. The School Nurse reports to the Office Manager in each Campus.

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Work as a Teacher Assistant (Local Only)

Teaching Assistant works under direct supervision of a Teaching Assistant Manager and class Teacher to support the students in their daily schooling activities.

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What Does It Take To Be A Personal Teacher Assistant (PTA)? (Local Only)

Personal Teaching Assistant is expected to report to the Learning Support Coordinators for updates on their child. They will be provided with training and workshops by the Learning Support Coordinators once a month and will be monitored every week for updates and will be evaluated every term for their performance.

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